Ergonomie Advies can help you with:

Physical ergonomics:

  • Workplace research and advice.
  • Working conditions, temperature, air quality, lighting, etc.
  • Design of non-standard workplaces, reception desks, etc.
  • Advice for workplaces at home.

Cognitive ergonomics

  • Research into work pressure and mental task requirements.
  • Software ergonomics, software and websites.
  • Ergonomics of control panels and user interfaces.
  • User manuals, advice on creating and testing.
  • Signposting and information systems in public spaces.

Organizational ergonomics, in particular with information systems.

  • Drawing up procedures for maintenance and management.
  • Research into the user side of information technology.
  • In many organizations the automation is housed in a separate department.
    One of the consequences is that the distance to the users has increased.
    By taking stock of user requirements, automation can become more supportive.